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I live in the Laurentians, in the province of Quebec, Canada, in a house my husband and I built in a pine forest.

I was a chocolate and special event cake maker for more than 25 years, creating customized center piece.

I discovered quilting in a wall hanging in 2005. it was a life changing experience. Since then, I have taught myself to quilt, to draw and to create 3D quilt, because it is the way I imagined them.

I put my chocolate career behind and started teaching in 2007, at Courtepointe Claire in Laval.
I am still teaching mostly there but now I travel to teach and give lectures in Québec,  Canada and US.

My quilts are different and when I enter them in a contest, I never know if I will win a ribbon or be rejected.

My quilt ”Come and follow me ”, winner of many awards in Quebec and US,  was at the Katonah Museum of Art  in February 2013, just outside New York. It was part of an exhibition called: Beyond the Bed; the quilt evolution in America.  It relates 200 years of quilting. It was reviewed in the New York Times issue of Sunday march 17th 2013, where my quilt was one of the 4 chosen, out the 30 quilts in the exhibit.

In July the same year, my quilt was at Sacred Threads event from July 10th to 28th . I was the Featured Artist, I gave 3D workshops and lectures for the duration of the event.

Since 2008 I have entered contest and won Awards every year.

I am known to “rock the boat” in the quilting world because the show organisation do not quite know how to categorize my work.

I was the Feature Artist in Washington Northern Quilters Alliance in May 2015.

From May to October 2016, I will be the Featured Contemporary Artist at the Shelburne Museum, for a solo exhibit of my work titled: “Once upon a quilt season of 2016”.

I am always creating new quilts researching new materials and workshops to teach my technique.

Dominique Ehrmann  –  3D Fiber Artist 

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